What is Echinococcus?
1. "Echinococcus,"a species of tapeworm, exists in this area. Adult tapeworms inhabit the intestinal tract of foxes and dogs, and their eggs contaminate the surrounding area through the host's excrement.

2.The eggs are taken by voles(rodents), while searching for food. The larval "Echinococcus"hatch from the consumed eggs in the stomach of the new host. From here it moves to the liver where it reproduces into large numbers.

3.These parasitized voles are in turn eaten by foxes and the "Echinococcus"larvae settle into the intestinal tract of the foxes and grow into adults. When mature, they produce large numbers of eggs.

**Humans can become infected by this parasite if the eggs are mistakenly consumed via water or food. Since there is yet no effective medical treatment for this parasite, to avoid becoming infected the following procedures are imprtant:

- Boil all natural water prior to drinking.
- Do not eat wild plants without properly treating    (heating)
-Wash your hands thoroughly soon after coming back from outdoors.
- Keep away from wild foxes.
- Be cautions in rearing dogs.

The life cycle of Echinococcus
depends on this food chain.
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